Lewis Lev Wembley September

Ray Baxter has been a trusted tuner and technician for my company Lev Pianos for twenty years, up to my retirement in 2000, restoring a large number of uprights and grands. In all that time, his work has been exemplary, contributing greatly to the success of the company. He has been unfailingly honest and straightforward in our business relationship, and courteous towards our clients. I am sure he will continue to display these qualities in any work he undertakes.

Rachel Ellison N10 September

We have a Bechstein piano. It had a couple of bad tunings which made it ‘wow’ like an electric guitare… Ray was expert. His tuning held the sound in place beautifully. Not a single note was out of tune nearly a year later. I’m thrilled and thankful. Great back office, offering flexibility, efficiency and punctuality.

Kate Howles NW11 September 2017

Ray Baxter has tuned my pianos (currently a Bosendorfer grand piano and an 18th century square piano) for over 20 years. He looks after the instruments beautifully and is always on time for his bi-annual visits. Sally runs a very efficient reminder and appointments service. I recommend Ray without reservation.

Fiona Wilson N10 September 2017

Ray has been tuning my Bluthner Grand Piano for almost 30 years, during which time he has also carried out major reconditioning work on it. I recommend him unhesitatingly for his expertise, his unfailing courtesy and his generous advice.

Julia Male NW3 August 2017

Ray has been tuning my Steinway Grand for nearly 15 years – always a superb job. Recently replaced the hammers and revoiced it so now playing better than ever. Excellent service; always honest, polite and reasonable.

Clare Marwood W6 August 2017

Mr Baxter quickly and accurately diagnosed the fault with the pedal on my piano, and the repair was done quickly and successfully. Thank you!

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